GMP Webcast eLearning System Requirements

To use the GMP Webcast eLearning-System, your system must meet the following requirements:

1. Adobe Flash-Player must be installed

The Webinar-System provides the video of the speaker a  Flash-Video-Stream, therefore the Adobe Flash Player von Adobe must be installed to play the video. On this webiste, you can check, whether the player is installed:

If you see the animation with the text 'Adobe Flash Player Successfully installed', the player is installed correctly. Otherwise you can install the player from this website:

2. Javascript must be enabled

The Webinar-System uses Javascript, therefore Javascript must be enabled in the Browser. Today many websites are using Javascript and it is very unusual, if Javascript is not enabled. If Javascript is not enabled, the switching from one slide to the next will not work.

3. TCP Port 1935 must be enabled

The Video-Stream is provided on  TCP Port 1935 (RTMP-Protocol).  If you are using a firewall, please make sute, that this port is not blocked. To check, whether port 1935 is not blocked, please visit this website: